Friday, January 20, 2017

Lemon Drizzle Cake

January was my first bake with the Cake Slice Bakers, and one of this month's choices was just the solution to the chocolate overload that Christmas brought.  This year we're baking from Roger Pizey's World Class Cakes, and I opted for the Lemon Drizzle Cake.  I followed the recipe exactly, except substituting regular granulated sugar for the superfine sugar called for.  

The cake had a great lemon taste, and the drizzle really did add something special to both the taste and the moistness.  As you can see from the picture, I had a little problem with it sticking to my pan.  Greasing and flouring the pan should solve that problem.

It was a really easy recipe to put together and would be perfect for a brunch or for afternoon company.  I could also imagine giving it as a gift.  My family really enjoyed it!


  1. I love a good lemon cake. This sounds delicious and looks like the perfect size to keep from over overindulging ;-)

  2. Love that crumb texture of your lemon cake!

  3. Lemon always seems perfect in January! For me it's a palate cleansing flavor after all the heavy Holiday baking!
    Welcome to our group! Glad to have you on board!

  4. Looks like you have a nice tight pound cake type crumb on your cake. What a great drizzle cake!

  5. Your cake looks great! I have to give it another try because mine was a failure!

    1. Do try it again. It was really tasty.

  6. I loved the way this cake tasted. A great idea to give it as a gift. Welcome to the group.

  7. I agree that this cake was super delicious. And I have to say that I love the name of your blog, as my grandfather used to say that when he was describing desserts.