Saturday, May 20, 2017

Herb Bread

King Arthur's March Bake Along was for a Butterflake Herb Loaf:
I actually did bake this in March, but it took until yesterday to get the pictures off the camera!  

 The technique is that you roll out the bread dough, cut large circles, spread filling on the circles, fold them into semicircles and stack in your bread pan to make a pull-apart loaf.  The recipe was a little fiddley for what is basically garlic bread, but it wasn't hard to follow, and everyone liked it. 

One of the loaves
The loaf pulled apart

I followed the recipe as listed, but the website also includes options for other types of fillings including a sweet filling.

After making two loaves, I still had some dough leftover.  My daughter and I used that to make rolls.  We rolled small dough ball, stacked two or three of them into a muffin cup and spread the filling on top.  These were very good and not nearly as much work.  I could see these making an appearance at our dinner table.

Sacher Torte

It's May 20th which means it's my wedding anniversary!  It's also the day for my Cake Slice Bakers reveal.  We continue to bake from Roger Pizey's World Class Cakes book.  All of the choices this month looked enticing, but as May is also the month of my favorite helper's birthday, and she only has one flavor, the Sacher Torte was my obvious choice.

The Sacher Torte is a deep chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache.  I made the cake almost as described.  I used bittersweet chocolate (60%) instead of the 70% called for in the recipe because of the expense.  Traditionally, the cake has the letter S or the word Sacher on top, but ours had a letter L for Laura.

The finished cake

My best helper blowing out her candles
The cake was a big hit!  Everyone enjoyed it, and I expect to get requests for it in the future.
It tasted as good as it looked